Master the power of content creation, scale and grow a loyal following, get booked by brands, and generate massive income for your business.


What if I told you that you can finally build that loyal tribe you've always dreamed of, get booked over and over again by your favorite brands, and increase your business income just with the content you create?

Here's a secret: You can!

Does this sound familiar? Have you been:

  • Totally confused on how to create content that people will actually consume?
  • Stuck and feeling like you don't know the next step to transform it into a business.
  • Wanting to work with brands but have no idea what to charge or how to reach out.
  • Burnt out because you've been consistently creating content but unable to monetize.

You're not alone!

There are so many aspiring content creators, micro-influencers, and small business owners who are struggling to get noticed and generate a solid income on social media platforms.

Build and scale your social media presence and get your content to earn for you.

You've always wondered how you can actually build a solid following on social media and use it to build relationships with brands so you can monetize using your content, but a small part of you believes there's no room for you on social media...

Here's the thing, if that's true, why are there new creators, new businesses, and new micro influencers curating communities and increasing their profit through the content they create?

That's because you can still create a social media presence, increase your brand recognition, and secure partnership deals with the right tools and techniques that I have learned, developed, and tried for close to a decade as a fellow content creator.

I've been where you are.

" I started as a content creator in 2010. Even though there was a lot less competition back then, I struggled.

I was spending hours on end thinking of concepts for my videos and posts, wondering if people would even care.

I even imitated what successful brands were doing... I tried everything... But honestly, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I was putting all this effort into building an audience online, and while I loved to connect with my audience, I wasn't getting much else out of it. It wasn't until I took a step back to see what I was doing wrong that I started to improve.

So, eight years or so later,I've since been creating content and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world! I've worked with Loreal, Sephora, Covergirl, and I had a lead role in an international commercial with Colgate.

I created LIFE IS CONTENT because I recognized that there was a missing piece in the industry. A lot of people are creating and a lot of brands are paying but there wasn't a bridge to actually get people the type of information that would help them get better at creating content from a creator's point of view.

Creating content took me from being a broke college student to a six-figure business owner. I want you to walk away with a better understanding of yourself, a better understanding of what you are passionate about, and a better understanding of how you can monetize your platform. "

LIFE IS CONTENT will teach you the business of being creative. Build, grow, and earn from creating content that's built on your personal brand - making you an established authority in your industry.

With these e-courses, you will finally be able to:

  • Feel more confident in creating relevant content that will captivate your audience
  • Have a better understanding of professional etiquette with brands and how to make them excited to work with you
  • Create dynamic and unforgettable content inspired by your own personal stories, not what you already see online

What our clients say:

I thought I knew a lot, but I felt like I learned SO much. I loved the recap docs at the end of every session and the downloadable take home PDFs to work on things further. Overall, I'm amazed.

Inconsistency and merely imitating what's already out there is DESTROYING your brand. The LIFE IS CONTENT courses will show you how to find your own voice and attract brands and clients that you can work with long-term.

Get started and grow your following today!

Create valuable social media content to attract customers and maximize profit.

Learn how to easily navigate the online space, consistently create relevant content, as well as make adjustments to your current strategy so you can get the best results every time.

You can stop:

  • Wondering what your niche is and whether you're being specific enough about your brand
  • Having "those days" when you can't think of anything good to post.
  • Trying to duplicate what you see is working for other brands and expecting them to work on you too.
  • Neglecting the power of using your personal experiences in creating content.

LIFE IS CONTENT: the six-course academy to mastering content creation

THE STARTING POINT: Building a Platform with Your Voice at the Center

  • Assists with identifying who you are
  • Gives focus to what your already passionate about
  • Helps to develop your voice


  • The theory behind the LIFE IS CONTENT Model
  • How to strategically repurpose content
  • Uncovers different ways to customize a content schedule based on your strengths

BRAND PARTNERSHIPS 101: How to Get And Stay Booked

  • How to get discovered by brands
  • Important facts you should know before getting paid to post
  • Jade's biggest tips on how to knock the project out of the park!

THE SEARCH IS ON: Connecting with the Right Audience

  • Identify who your audience is
  • How to use your strengths to reach your tribe!

THE LAB: An Equipment and Software Guide to Elevate Your Content

  • How to self-shoot and edit videos and photos.
  • Best practices for equipment & software based on content type.

NUMBERS DON'T LIE: Understanding Your Analytics Like A Pro

  • Key terms and calculations that are important to brands
  • Creating a Strategy for future content based on what your numbers are telling you
  • Learn more about your audience by analyzing content performance

Create the best content for your audience, work with brands and increase revenue with LIFE IS CONTENT COURSES

By leveraging the power of content and information, you can fuel the interest of your audience and unlock endless possibilities for your brand and business.

With LIFE IS CONTENT E-Courses, you get:

  • Video seminars personally produced by Jade Kendle
  • Downloadable resources you can use to review what you've just learned in the course
  • Activity Sheets to help you implement what you learned into your personal brand and business
  • Membership to our private Facebook Group where you can seek the help of fellow students and access exclusive content
  • First dibs to events and special opportunities with LIFE IS CONTENT and brand partners.

" I thought the content was great! It was a nice introduction for someone who is either new to being an entrepreneur or who has been in it but is still finding their way. Great takeaway info, downloadable and clear and concise videos. I loved that the lessons weren't too long but they also contained a great amount of information. "

These high-value, information-rich courses are designed for...

Digital content creator newbies who are starting at ground zero and want to understand what it takes to build loyalty and trust with a growing audience.

Creators in a rut (nano and micro-influencers) who understand how to build a following online but are feeling burnt out and needing of content inspiration.

Small business owners who want to learn the ins and outs of content creation to attract potential customers looking for their products and services.

If you've been winging it, or worse, haven't started at all... Chances are, you're getting little to no results for your efforts. With LIFE IS CONTENT, you reap the benefits you deserve, knowing that you're doing everything right and this will be evident in the number of brands that will work with you and the level of engagement from your audience.

Enrollment for LIFE IS CONTENT is open for a limited time!

Enroll in the Go-Getter Bundle $693

Perfect for digital content creator newbies!

This bundle provides access to three courses:

  • THE STARTING POINT: Building a Platform with Your Voice at the Center
  • BRAND PARTNERSHIPS 101: How to GET And Stay Booked

Launching Summer 2019

  • THE SEARCH IS ON: Connecting with the Right Audience
  • THE LAB: An Equipment and Software Guide to Elevate Your Content
  • NUMBERS DON'T LIE: Understanding Your Analytics Like A Pro

Payment Options

One-Time payment of $589 (15% Off)


7 monthly payments of $99

Enroll in the Premiere Creator Bundle $1.386

Best Value!

This bundle provides access to the Go-Getter Bundle plus automatic access to upcoming courses:

  • THE STARTING POINT: Building a Platform with Your Voice at the Center
  • BRAND PARTNERSHIPS 101: How to GET And Stay Booked

Launching Summer 2019

  • THE SEARCH IS ON: Connecting with the Right Audience
  • THE LAB: An Equipment and Software Guide to Elevate Your Content
  • NUMBERS DON'T LIE: Understanding Your Analytics Like A Pro

Payment Options

Includes 15% Off Original Price

Discounted; One-Time payment of $1,188


12 monthly payments of $99

How would it feel to...

  • Finally have the courage to start your venture as a digital content creator… and doing it right the first time?
  • Get out of the box with renewed energy and better strategies, after being stuck and uninspired for a long time?
  • Understand how to market your products on an online platform and increase your sales?
  • Know how your audience thinks and create posts that they are interested in?

Take the first step to mastering content creation with LIFE IS CONTENT today!

Meet the Creator behind



"I'm an educator at heart. LIFE IS CONTENT is my way of taking what I've learned and sharing it with my peers."

That's what inspired Jade to create these e-courses. Jade Kendle began her career as a Content Creator in 2010 with her platform focused on beauty and lifestyle, @LipsticknCurls. Over the years, Jade has transformed into a thought-leader and trendsetter in the beauty and digital space.

With over 16.5+ Million views on Youtube and over 500,000 followers across multiple platforms, Jade has become the preferred creator working with some of the top brands around the world such as Colgate, Covergirl, Herbal Essences, and many more.

While her tutorials and tips captivate her audience at first glance, it's her authenticity and unapologetic ethos that inspires her audience to be their best selves.

Are You Ready?

As a seasoned content creator of almost a decade, I have built a social media platform that celebrates being your authentic self and embracing your natural beauty, #unapologetically. I understand what it takes to build trust with your #tribe and how to monetize that platform.

Our Courses